My puzzle
My teacher, Mrs Whittle, told me to go to her site and click on the puzzle button. I did and then I completed the puzzle. Then she showed me how to make my [...]
My personal mission
My personal mission is to give thanks, play ball, and love God. They are important because my principles need me to do these things because they are all [...]
Houston vs. Lamar
Houston: He wanted to join the USA, Wanted to avoid another war with mexico, wanted to make peace with the Indians, and wanted a small army to keep cost [...]
The importance of having a good attitude
  Having a good attitude is important in all situations. If you dont have a good attitude at doing hard things then you probably wouldn’t finish [...]
The importance of taking responsibility for your thoughts
Most people would start this post of by saying that when you get in trouble you need to take responsibility, but that is not me so, when you get recognized [...]
What I want People to see when they see me
 I want people to think of me as the guy who plays sports but also gets good grades. I don’t want people to say oh here comes that one kid [...]
My Personal Brand
My personal brand is very important to me. For my personal brand I want my strengths to be that I’m athletic, I love god, I’m pretty smart, and [...]
Nature is a very important thing in my life because i am always hanging out outside. Baseball, basketball, and bunch of other things are all stuff i do [...]
Soul Surfer
Soul surfer affected me because it taught me to never give up.  
When I think of thanksgiving, I feel thankful for for a lot of things. But Mrs. Whittle made me think of my top three things and they are God, family, and [...]
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