This week in leadership…
This week in leadership we learned about  optimism and persistence. They are both important in a leader because leaders can use them to never give [...]
This week in teen leadership…
Things week in teen leadership… we learned about the 8 cues of a good first impression. #1: Having good eye contact. Good eye contact¬† is key. If you [...]
Halloween haiku Halloween Dark Windy Laughter Shouting Screams Twix Hershey Kit-Kat Crunch Crying Yelling Singing Scary Cold Halloween
One of my favorite family experiences
One of my favorite times with my family was when we went to Colorado. We went hiking and rafting. I also got to see my cousins. We stayed in log cabins and [...]
What I will be like on the internet
On the internet I am going to be myself. In the real world I am energetic and a little unorganized. On the internet I am going to try to update regularly [...]
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